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Possible spoilers for end of S3


Possible End of Season 3 Spoilers:

We received several possible spoilers for the last episodes of Season 3 the first week of October, but have held off posting them because we figured it was just speculation based off the Pierrefonds set pictures from September. After watching The Crystal Cave, we think there might be some validity to these bits and feel a little more comfortable posting them.

Like with the relationship bits, we’re going to classify these as rumors to play it safe. Legitimate or not, at the very least these should make for good discussion topics.


If you re-post these please quote both complete above paragraphs.

  • One of the landmarks of the third series will be retrieving Excalibur and Arthur weilding it.
  • Camelot will be kept in the medieval equivalent of a police state by a tyrannical Queen Morgana.
  • Arthur and those loyal to him will band together to try and win Camelot back. They will have help from someone high up in the new court who becomes troubled with the queen’s tyranny.
  • Gwen will be rewarded for her duty to Camelot in a big way.
  • The last few episodes of the third series reshape the show for series four and series five. There’s changes coming and two departures from the main cast are planned. One of the departures will be permanent. The second will likely be back a few times during the rest of the show's run
Add one more spoiler courtesy of Twitter user Ali Cat,, crew of Merlin in reply to this blog
replied " it's good news isn't it. PS I have seen the Round Table."
Round table in S3!
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