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The Exile Chapter 5 Class Warfare

Title: The Exile
Author: AGDoren
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance-Fantasy, cannon until 4x9, AU on all events after 4x9
Spoilers: up to season 4x9, Lancelot du' Lac
Characters/Pairings: Sir Elyan, Sir Gwaine, King Arthur, Sir Leon, Sir Percival, OC as needed, pairing Arthur and Gwen
Summary:  The knight's of the round table deal with the unexpected consequences of 4x9 and the ongoing influence of Morgana's magic in the city.
Author's notes: I'm extremely excited for this update, something I didn't expect. I think the hiatus was worth it. I got a lot done over the month and I hope guys enjoy it. As always your comments and thoughts are much desired. The Exile is the second entry in The Blacksmith's Daughter series, my long and short collection of Merlin. All Blacksmith's Daughter stories have the same continuity and back story.
Betaed: by Serendip. Thank you very much Serendip you are the greatest.
Original artwork for The Exile by my lil' sis: At Die Screaming With Sharp Things in Your Eye, http://crystalsavage.blogspot.com/

For some reason I can't seem to make a text links today: http://a-g-doren.livejournal.com/11038.html

Tags: character: arthur, character: elyan, character: guinevere, character: leon, pairing: arthur/guinevere, series: four

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