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Questions? Comments?

Welcome to onceandfutures!


+ This community is for discussions and squee about Arthur/Gwen - the pairing, the individual characters, and the actors. You don't only have to ship A/G to hang out here - multishippers and casual fans are welcome to join in.

While we're primarily here for Gwen and Arthur, discussion or squee about the show or Arthurian legend in general is welcome as long as it's relevant. Note: In-depth discussion of the Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot dynamic is also welcome, but keep it civil. (Lancelot or Gwen/Lancelot bashing is not cool here.)

RPF is totally fine, as is general discussion and news about Angel Coulby and Bradley James.

+ No bashing, no exceptions. This includes all characters and pairings. That doesn't mean no one can have problems with anything on the show - frank and honest discussion IS encouraged - but take a moment to think about how you sound. There's a difference between criticism and bashing and this is not a place for ranting about other pairings, characters or shippers.

+ Protect layouts and cut your posts! Text longer than 400 words and images larger than 400 pixels must be put under an LJ-cut.

+ No intro posts, please! Really, just jump right into any post - all are welcome and we don't bite.

+ The only entries that must be members-locked are download links. That includes any copyrighted material (episodes, BTS specials, DVD extras, that sort of thing).

+ Use tags for your posts to keep things tidy and findable. If there's a tag you think we should add, just let us know.

+ Limit pimping of fic, icons, and vids to one per day per user - if you have more than one item to cross-post in a day, please link them all in the same post to avoid clutter in the community and on f-lists.

+ Keep discussions respectful, act like grown people, etc.

Feel free to leave your questions, comments, and concerns for the mods right here.
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